All the equipment we provide training courses and diving is from the production of aqua lung, bauer compressor, sea quests, and scuba pro, We have strict rules that all must be serviced every 6 months, do maintenance every week, and checked every day by our staff Son equipment / equipment Boy prepared and trained to check the tool is ready to use and safe diving, so you can feel comfortable and confident with the equipment you are using, helping you to relax and enjoy the beauty of marine life.


All means of transport with a capacity of 8 passengers we provide Isuzu ELF 2 units and 1 unit of APV complete with air conditioning so that you can enjoy the comfort of your trip.


Class room is provided with a visual tool TV and Video player with room air conditioner is equipped with PADI manual and DVD-shaped material for the needs of the course participants, teachers and all our staff who want to deepen their knowledge of diving, pool facilities, toilets, showers, boat and restaurant available in certain strategic places and close to the dive site is our priority.


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